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today i've spent was the hardest day ever
try to paint a picture for you
before my eyes there were so many colors
just for today they all seem blue
here in my heart you'll be on my journey
where ever i go, whatever i do

we'll join our hands again someday
& trade kisses before night
talk of the times we had
we'll be together someday
& watch over the stars at night
laugh at the fun we had
it was our day


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got my pay cheque already and i'm ready to spend... haha..

if any of you out there .. looking for a hair comercial ad model, do tell me.. it took me long hour to set my hair every morning.. no, i'm kidding...

gotta go get my hair cut.. sometimes my hair block my view... or should i let my hair grow more?

finally.... i got my own spot... i want it looks like a mini gallery... well that what boss told me.. haha..
but my phone doesn't work yet.

this is my pet chihuahua... a.k.a grimlock..


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this 'thing' over here is very dangerous ya'll.. he's a carnivor, owh look at the teeth..
he barks... & just be extra careful whenever you're around him.............
office is a place for work... not hunting, dude. anyways he's the coolest mad people you'll ever know!
and i would like to wish best of luck to this 'thing' over here on his something something tryouts.. go for it! i know u can do it dude.. keep your faith alive!
owh, i would like to thank my boss..... for buying me new desk. hahahahah i know this 'thing' over here is very envy of me, hahahahahahahah... i'm thinking of bringing my transformers to decorate my new desk..

what have i done?  

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there's this 'A' who i think, likes me ... but i don't know wether does 'A' still like me or not, previously 'A' does..
recently out of a suddent, i told 'A' "i miss you"... owh my, is this a big mistake? i don't want 'A' to put hopes on me. ofcourse 'A' replied me "i miss you too". it's been a while i haven't told anyone with that sentence... like more than a year.. since i've lost 'E'.
i do really think that was a really big mistake but why i'm feeling good about it.. like i wanna hold 'A' so tight & don't wanna let go?
i've been feeling weird alot.. am i in love again? i hate this! i'm trying to move on but whenever it comes to 'A', i kept thinking of 'E'. sometimes 'A' reminds me of 'E'! owh i hate this much!

great weekend  

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actually, one of my relatives got married this weekend and some others relatives hangout at my house, bring me loadsa food & stuff...

alot of people asked me, when will i going to get married ...tough one.. nobody wants me, hahahhahah...

anyways.. i'm kinda exited to have this korean song downloaded into my cellphone. so i can play the track over & over again..

work, is okay so far... but it doesn't stressing me out its just.. doin stuff i'm not used to ...

i drove uncle lee's car to the shop.. thats what i really enjoy to do... its like i can drive for days in 'that car'. whenever he's too lazy to go anywhere, he'll let me drive his car, haha.. wont miss that chance. i purposely took the long cut way to the shop, hehe.. but still consider about the petrol..


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this is what i'll be seeing everyday.... hehehhe not complaining... it's my job..
stress at work? you tell me..
sometimes.. i'm feeling like i wanna puke.. haha.. nah, i'm kidding

i'm so so sorry, "E"  

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If I should die before I wake
It's 'cause you took my breath away
Losing you is like living in a world with no air
I'm here alone, didn't wanna leave
My heart won't move, it's incomplete
Wish there was a way that I can make you understand
But how do you expect me
to live alone with just me
'Cause my world revolves around you
It's so hard for me to breathe
Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air
Can't live, can't breathe with no air
It's how I feel whenever you ain't there
It's no air,
Got me out here in the water so deep
Tell me how you gonna be without me
If you ain't here, I just can't breathe
It's no air,
I walked, I ran, I jumped, I flew
Right off the ground to float to you
There's no gravity to hold me down for real
But somehow I'm still alive inside
You took my breath, but I survived
I don't know how, but I don't even care

this is for "A"  

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in my heart i know that you're mine
but my mind keep changing all the time
it's so hard to find security
to bring love into our destiny
i know that you wouldn't tell me if i'm out of line
my inner sense is telling me
i've been running blind
when i'm close to you i'm in too deep
but without you i can't even sleep
i would give up almost anything
to feel love & all the joy it brings
i know that you're trying hard to see what i can't find
how i understand your pain
you've been left behind
i wanna love you,
& hold you through the night
i wanna love you,
make sure that you'll be alright
i wanna love you,
but nothing's coming out right

meet up back  

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front: faisz the birthday guy
behind: silly looking azim a.k.a myself

this is my brother, haha... azrol, you're my best buddy!
(don't be jellous faisz)

yesterday.. it feels like ..i don't know how to describe it... it's like you've found your lost stuff once again... at last, we've finally get to have this faisz big day dinner ....2 months late.. "the best thing suddently happens when you're around" ... i wrote that on his card & i was surprised that he was kind of touched, wow.. but its true, everybody laughs at his jokes..
both of these guys are my biggest buddies, i've never told them this but ..they're the friends i love the MOST.. if they read this, they're gonna puke, hahahah!

the Poll  

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this is where you should first go before you can vote.. check everything... bring your ic together & stuff...

queue....... sigh.............................................................................................. when will it's going to be my turn? nobody likes waiting right?

check that one out...... hahahhahahaha

where did my vote went to? you tell me..........................

actually... this would be my first...

so... mom told me everything what should i do & stuff,

like ... she told me everything when i first went to school.

its interesting looking at this kinda stuff.


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is this cool or what? i got inspired by this in my upcoming work.

actually, me and my team mate r on our effort in fulfilling our task today and would like to take some hour to complete it .. we were staying back at the office... i'm glad that i can help speed some stuff but unfortunately the power suddently went off... the whole building were shut down... we were pissed off by that and there's nothing more to do, so we head back home... were cursing too... lets see if i can lend a hand tomorrow.. gotta get stuff done in time..

this best friend of mine .. actually me and another best friend would like to go eat together with him for some kind of celebrating his birthday but he is always busy. hopefully we can still have time together, all three of us ... imagine, we're about to celebrate his belated birthday like 2 months late.. he's a big boss now... its hard to spend some time with him nowadays...

starting to taste some improvement  

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i did this today (proudly).. ofcourse with the a.. little help from my team mate, the crazy prof.. this is actually called the 'denim scratch'.. it can be said that my most 'gempak' attempt on photoshop.. but still got some flaws.. on the stiching part eh.. at first i thought it's gonna be complicated and difficult but as soon as i got it / understand it.. this is how the finale came up.. i'm so greedy to learn more and more.. i'm hunger for knowledge.. i wanna do MORE!!! P/S I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY TEAM MATE, you know who you are.. for this wonderful stuff over here, without you, i will never can do any such like this denim scratch. you got so many ideas in your head & it's great to hear all the ideas but one thing, don't be too complex eh.. sometimes it's hard to understand your ideas, they're all great. wish you will achive on what you're planning for.

this is gonna be another shopping mall. can't wait. actually, this on schedule construction side is just rite beside / infront of my office. just have to wait until it's completely done..

not bad for a first day  

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this guy over here is my new team mate! learnt alot of stuf from him. he's full with thinking.. but today he got me burnt some calories.. looking foward to work with this guy in the upcoming days, hopefully we gain & trade each others knowledge.

when i first met this guy, i know, he's smart. he got alot of stuff going on and i would never be bored working with him. so much stuff we've talked about today but my concern is for this guy that he's like has the ability of empathy, haha.. he can know stuff by looking at the first glance. but he can be wrong, haha..

the art background from both of us make it easy to understand what he's saying. his words are different from others yet similar to my art fellas from uitm.

he reminds me of cat & hafiz, my friends from uitm. he's like the combination of both. i still got lot to learn from him. these first few days, he will show me stuff that i need to be familiar wth.

me & babe sms each other today, kinda coincidence, she's also starting to work with a new job today. she said she is still single.. aha?

going through new days  

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tomorrow is something to start over.. i've been a little bit crashed down for a while.. kinda low before this because ive failed myself to something i don't wanna remember of. i don't really into this blog writing.. i used to write my journal with my own handwriting.. guess i'm getting lazy to write, so i just type..

there's something in my head that i can't let it out at the moment, and that is 'A'. i would like to say sorry to 'A'. guess i've pissed 'A' off. forgive me 'A'. you're a great person. you remind me of 'E'. i wanna put all my past behind me.. hopefully.. they kept coming back sometimes.

i really looking foward for tomorrow.. hopefully i will not disappoint my boss. he gave me this chance and i don't wanna blow it. i'll be learning alot and gain as much valueable experiences as possible .. hopefully.. to make me ready to rock this life that has been lowed for some time.

owh, i turned down 1 company today.. they asked me to give the answer for the agreement of joining their company but i have to pass this one. already called the company ... its just not that i don't love challenges.. but i have to be fair to myself.. if it's beyond my abilities, why should i surrender myself to the stuff that i know i'm going to fall.. it's like letting go of having my own car.. because they will give their stafs a company car.. nevermind.. i'm not really good at directions, probably gonna be lost somewhere in the middle of KL while driving.

I've been looking for the boy that I once knew
The boy with nothing to lose
Right before he met you
I've been telling him everything that I've learned since then
Never gonna make them
Same mistakes again
...and baby You know, and I know You held on, I let go
Now is the time to move on
Let tomorrow be a new day
I'll be running from the heartache
As the months turn into new years
Wont be crying any new tears
Hear me say no, never ever, I won't be there
...Looking back I remember when I
Used to sit and cry
Every day, all night
I'm telling you everything that you knew has changed
I'll be turning a new page
All the memories erased
I wont be having bad dreams
Wont be having regrets
Tearing at the seams
They're the things I will forget
Baby when tomorrow comes, you're gonna be the only one
If you'd loved, if you'd have cared
Then babe I would be there

tonight, out of the suddent, my ex rang my celly.. i didn't expect any call from my ex & we didn't even wish the 2008 new year to each other.. but why tonight? my ex said that my number is still being remembered, never been deleted & stuff.. were talking like nothing had happened, asking me wether i'm doin okay or not (still cares for me?) i was like not paying attention to what my ex were talking about.. just aha, yeah, ok. i didn't mad at my ex, it's just i don't wanna see any recaps on what we've had.. it's not unpleasent but just wanna look up ahead, not down or back.