perak darul ridzuan  

Posted by a'azheem

went back to perak recently and this tree belongs to my auntie's place. kinda cool uh?

i drank this young coconut water with lime, kinda interesting. i've never taste this kinda drink before.

this is where i got to drink the coconut drink.

langkap is a name of a town in perak. this is the market.

i believe this place is called tapah, also in perak.

maxis centre is everywhere, i love it.

this is tapah and teluk intan is where my grannma's place is.

the entrance of the multipurpose hall in tapah.

this is where my relative had their wedding feast.

look at that, what a crowd.

the bride & groom had their dish right at the front but they cant be seen, plus i dont even know which relative of mine is getting married. i just went there, eat, and go back home ;)

my friend took me to this place, he bought me this bread, huge one with loads of 'kaya' on top. really nice and sweet.