soccer any1?  

Posted by a'azheem

sketch the whole thing first, the lines

apply on the basic color

preety much like this when it's fully done

this is the edited with photoshop one.
kinda busted/kantoi on the face, especially the eyes,haha.
i'll do better on the next artwork.
if anyone can guess whos this athlete,haha u got very sharp observation.

art of the day  

Posted by a'azheem

this is my new beetle, very fresh, made out of pencil colour. i did this with that kind of medium just because it brings less mess and i wanna juggle my work with my spare time but who knew i might be using this as an additional image on my work at the office..
it looks cute and i like it very much.
i took 2 days to complete this artwork. i'll be continuing more with different subject matters or objects.

here, after i did some editing on photoshop. i have my artwork here as my wallpaper on my laptop. maybe at this time .. this is how i'm feeling .. like what can be seen on my artwork.