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selamat berpuasa


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i went to penang last two days. penang is just another busy city here in malaysia. just like kl with the traffic jams and all plus, penang has rapid penang as well.
that's the penang bridge, tiny view.
i don't know why i've decided to go penang. i went there without any interest in my heart. maybe i just need to clear my mind a bit i guess. but emm..

arrived in penang on friday. dont really know what to do, where to go. i've felt like i just wanna lay down the whole day. i've stayed at lessure cove, tanjung bungah.

here in the lift of leassure cove. i've just realized i've nice fingers.

the place is not so bad, my appartment is on the fifth floor. nice lah. what can i ask more?

there are two rooms, two bathrooms complete with the kitchen, hall, dining and all.
thats the bed, mirror and emm.. 'touch my body~'

at the back view of the appartment, the sea..

okay lah for sun bathing..

this is the tanjung bungah's dusk view..

theres a mamak restaurant with all the nasi kandar stuff down there somewhere. food.. ive found no problems of getting them.

this is island plaza. just an ordinary shopping place.

went to bukit jambul, in search of pickles and all.

komtar. okay lah. nice place but busy.

beside the peranginn mall where the carnival of merdeka's eve.

there was a concert for the merdeka's countdown. really enjoyed it. but the singers... i dont know..

penang bridge was under upgrading progress.

i do wanna visit loadsa other places in penang but i was just not in the mood. maybe some other time, i'll be back in penang and hope i wont be thinking much next time.
bye penang.


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say whatever u wanna say.

a mind of its own  

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I look at you and I know you're trouble
I should run just fast as I can
One smile, game over
Here in front of you I stand
I know you're only gonna burst my bubble
Trouble is my heart don't care
It's ignoring all the danger signs
Stop, Slow down, take a deep breath, beware

I'm not willing to be so fearless, careless, just yet
I'm not willing to be so open, transparent, no not yet
Once bitten, twice shy, is what you get

My hearts got a mind of it's own
Won't listen to a word I say
Cos When it breaks I break I don't know how much more of this I can take
Doesn't it know that I get hurt too
When it acts that way

Too many times I've witnessed
My heart make a fool of itself
So sure it's gonna turn out one way
Always turns out being somethin' else
My hearts got a real malfunction
Always flippin' into over ride
When I tell it to be sensible
It over rules my cynical mind

Stop, slow down, take a deep breath
Think about what I'm doin'
Think about once bitten, twice shy
Stop, slow down, take a second
Before you rush right in
It's gonna be my tears you cry

don't tell me  

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on my 2nd tought, just don't tell me anything
it was just another stupid game i'm playing
friends? nah.. maybe not
you're just a person who i've known for a short while
i might lead you to a place that you would call hell
i'm not feeling anything
the spark is just gone now
i'm nothing to you as well
stop telling me that you're gonna be there and all
because i just don't need it
you know me & i know you, that's it
i'm not looking foward to anything when it comes to us
but, thanks anyway