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why do you keep staring?
am i really that handsome?
even so, if you keep staring
i feel a little embarrassed

each time i pass by
the chicks turn their heads
the stares i feel from behind
what ever shall i do?

from the stares that i always have
and the babes that always checking me out
you'd think i'd get used to it by now
but why is it still so burdensome?

i wanna live a quiet life
like the other guys do
why did mom gave birth to me like this?
and make my life so tiring

everybodys watching me
everybodys wanting me
anywhere i go, the spotlight follows me
anywhere i go, they follow me
wether it be restaurant, street, cafe, the club
how much do they have to hear from me for my popularity to die down?
my sexy eyes are Go So Bright
my arms are sort of Go So Tough
what should i do? i think everybody likes me
oh no, please, leave me alone

i'll be there for you  

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me and azrol are friends since high school.
last satuday 17th, his mom passed away.
but he didn't cry at all.
i know he's very sad deep down.
just wanna let you know bro, i'll always be there for you.
we're brothers forever!


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this is the boat/ferry, heading to the island-no sea sick at all

this is the bridge right upfront where i stayed, perdana beach resort

this is at the top of the cabel car place, gunung apa i cant remember, cencang? cincang?

this is pantai cenang/chenang.. i dunno.. it was blazin hot.. nobodys swimming

langkawi airport- this reminds me of 'e'

under water world.... i love to see these birds

jelly fish?

i think this is a seahorse

the food here is very nice, cha kuay teow

rent this car, broke down twice!!!

the err... distinguish mark of the island

dataran lang!

mother's day  

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happy mommy's day, mom