it's just weird  

Posted by a'azheem

today i was surprised, my friend Din shares me the same birth date.
it reminds me of 'E' & it took me a while to accept it.
i dont even know should i be happy about it or else?
i dont know about Din, does he happy about it or he just doesnt really care.
at first i hated it but now, i dont know how i'm feeling about it.
why do i have to think much about it anyway.
its just a birth date, rite?

its too late for this..  

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Maybe i think i'm not right for you,
that i'll never be everything you need,
well I'll tell you straight from my heart, i am.

If i don't think that i've got the pedigree,
that i'm not someone who can talk to you,
well I'll tell you straight from my heart, i am.

You are, my reason
You are the air I'm breathing
Ask who's in my heart, you are

If ever I wanted to run away,
I'd go only if you would come with me,
Cause no-one can talk to my heart like you are :(

If I do for you what you do for me
If I'm on your mind every time you sleep, and in your dreams
Say the words and no matter how far I'll be where you are

I wish you'd ask me how I feel,
I'd say that I'm emphatic
And when you're near to me, this urgency is automatic
you're my addiction, 'A', and I dont wanna break the habit
I'd say that your in my heart

my mistake  

Posted by a'azheem

i havent got the chance to explain it to you but its just so hard for me to tell.
i did it twice but i didnt mean to.
the thing is i dont want any comitment, u dont believe me when i said i'm not ready for it or i'm taking a break from it.
the day when i first know you, i've already cried myself to sleep because my heart was beating fast.
my heart is still bleeding of what have happened, on my past experiences and i dont want it to be repeated again.
you're a nice person and i dont deserved you.
i'm sorry but i purposedly made you hate me so you can be with someone better.
i'm sorry but i just have to let you go.
maybe you're right, i'm giving up.
if you're hurting now, it would be okay because the longer you stay with me, the more you're going to get hurt, more than you are right now.
i'm not the one for you because i'm a jerk.
i dont even wanna try because i know it wont work.
there's nothing wrong with you, it's just me.
or maybe i'm just selfish but i dont want you to suffer.
besides, i'll only give you hard times.
i'm so sorry. i hate myself..


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i think ive hurt another soul
i dont know what i'm thinking
cant a friend just be friends?
maybe i just dont deserve any friend


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love = pain
dedicated to all my broken-hearted people
i'm so sick of love songs
momento of ours... lie!

one late night & the rain is falling down
i bring you back from my memories
i've promised myself that i would be fine without you
but i cant help it
i took in liquor which i dont even know how to handle
trying to fill my empty heart
a day without you is too long
i pray that i might forget you (that's a lie)

without you, happiness cannot be found in me
i cant even shed any tears
i dont wanna live anymore
this is bullshit, its pissing me off
i'm going crazy in thoughts of you
i wanna see you but ive been told that i cant
that its all over (i'll be right there)

i'm so sorry but i love you, its all a lie
i didnt know but now i know that i need you
i'm so sorry but i love you, out of anger
i've pushed you away with those piercing words without realizing it
i'm so sorry but i love you, will you leave & forget me slowly?
so i can be in pain

those words ive said were all lies
a loner left behind all alone
& i lost in the midst of it all
in my pocket theres a break up letter all wrinkled & folded up

& my habit of calling for you & wondering where you are
i'm gonna change that
i'll laugh everything off from now on

i hope this is all a dream
because i only add up to this much
i still cant forget you
no, i dont think i ever will
even 'till the day i die
did the scars i gave you healed?
i'm sorry because i never got to do anything for you

i'm sorry but i love you
thats all i gotta say
look, everythings gonna be alright, isn't it?
damn, why am i crying?

wishing on a star  

Posted by a'azheem

how big is my dream?
i dont know if i will ever succeed but i really wanna give it a go.
although it's difficult i gotta believe it.
can i really fulfill it?
i'm really scared!
the path is fill with obstacles.
others might laugh at me but it's my dream that keeps me going forward.

how long will i have to wait for 'you' to come?
the tears, the stains & my breath, the many days we have spent together,
can it be subsisted?
in your strange gaze, it was as cold as ice,
sometimes i'm hesitating but i want to!
everytime, always defending the day,
there's a little dream, that's my dream.

wishing on a star, to those stars above the clouds,
promise me that it wont be long,
if someone could listen to me,
whoever sees my happiness is hanging.

sometimes i make mistakes,
like my mind, it isn't easy.

wanna be a star, to be in the sky like the other stars,
the daylight will shine from high above,
if someone would listen to my song, that's when i will sing.

i wont cry, gather the tears, now i will try to laugh,
the road i'm going through is not easy but i'll make my way,
i can do it,
someday my dream will come true.


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flood... was banjir today... my mom rang me and when i got home... there... water all over the place.. it was cold and i'm wet.

we were lucky because our car can still be on its wheels and got into the porch safely

it was not really bad... the banjir doesn't comes into the house..

for the first time in 25 years ... i'm experiencing banjir at my place..

p/s this is no april fool... this is real... haha