hari raya at kampong  

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i've found old photos of me at kampong during raya.
the beetle was once belongs to my late Uncle Man.
i'll always be taken with where ever on the beetle everytime i go back to kampong.

i can't remember how old i was in this pic but mom said the cool t-shirt was given by Uncle Lee.

hehhehehhehe.... ugly baby ;P


little me with my cousin.

me and my sistas!

to all my muslim friends and family  

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new hairstyle  

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just had my hair cut today and this is the final result. i'm too scared of letting go the front side of my hair. at first i wanna chop off everything but ... this is what happened. this is for hari raya look. poyo as always, hahhahahahhah..

ugly face

fast breaking gift  

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a client gave us this 'drink' over here, as a gift for fast breaking (i guess)

besides the 'drink', i got chocolates too, huhuhuhu... kinda romantic uh, don't you think so?

it says here.. the drink is 100% alcohol free, should i drink it? you tell..

too weaks  

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it has been two weeks now.. fasting month.. i'm beginning to feel tired during the day..


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yeah, i'm 26 today.
thanks guys for all the wishes.
and thanks 'M' for the cake!

really know how to get on my nerves  

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'S' wasn't ask me properly or tell me convincingly that 'S' likes me.
'S' has this playful personality and always looks happy like there's nothing to be bothered about.
when 'S' gives hints it sounds more like jokes.
how can i be able to give 'S' positive feedback when i'm really not sure/clear about it.
and how can 'S' tell me that 'S' has been ignored by me? (tepuk sebelah tangan)
'S' is really really *%#@*!
i really hate this kind of situation.
tell me clearly, what's up with all these hints?
all you guys know is to blame me for what had happened.
in the end, i will always be the one who got blamed of.
who cares where i went, what i did?
thanks alot to those who are hurting my emotions. i thought i would be relief by telling stuff that has been bothering me. you have just made it worst. thanks again.
i don't care anymore, i wont talk to those who've made me really pissed, i don't even care if its ramadan, raya, christmas, thanks giving, whatsoever!