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If we can stop fighting each other
Long enough for us to see that we are stronger together than separate
You gotta believe that
But I love you today, don't want you around tomorrow
Every time I change my mind, you follow caught up, all up in the maze and I'm so dizzy
Can't keep going back and forth on these waves, I'm getting sea sick

Like the way we were before
and I wanna know if we can go back to the days when we was close
Sometimes I think I'm so low
Think I don't want you no more
And I've gotta get up off this see-saw

Like an elevator, we go up, and we go down
We touch the sky and touch the ground
You're stuck on one while I'm pressing three
Then we end up on the fourth floor, and then we disagree
Then we keep on blaming each other
But I wish that you would see that I'm just trying to elevate you like an elevator

And I feel like we're speaking two different languages, it's hard to read you
But I know if you at least try to make it half way I swear that I'll meet you
But we can't have a conversation without beefing, yelling back and forth for no good reason
I won't let you leave and you keep asking me to stay
One of us better figure out what we want cause I'm getting a headache

I'll take the blame if it that'll make this go stop
I'll hold for you if we can make it to the top
But we gotta find a way to break down these walls "D"
I'm waiting on you, stop waiting on me
Damn this elevator!

balik kampong  

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i think this is a blow fish..

this is the pasar/market of teluk intan

ada sayur..

these flowers look like lotus but they're not. do tell me what these are.

i dont have any idea what fruit are these..

kitten.... but not for sale, angkat jer kalau nak.. i dont know :P

the leaning clock tower of teluk intan..
i would love to come back if i'm free.
it's really nice to go back kampong sometimes.

raya 2008  

Posted by a'azheem

both rendang and lontong not really done yet but these two are my cravings since fasting.

this is my 2008 raya's outfit,nothing special,sederhana!
raya this year is quite satisfying!
puasa as usual,penuh tahun ni!raya definitely 'kemenangan'!